First Traitor by Jeff Wade

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MWSA Review

PAGE BURNER – First Class Thriller!!! I normally judge a book by how long it takes me to read it. In other words, could I put the book down and come back days later, or even weeks later, or would I stay up to some un-godly hour of the morning to finish the final chapters? Well, author and retired Navy Lieutenant Commander, Jeff Wade has created a book that will hook you, as it did me, once you have gotten into the first several pages. It starts right off running and you never catch your breath until the end. I could not put it down until I have devoured every single word in the story!

His book, “First Traitor” takes the reader in whole new directions for this type genre of books. There are twists and turns and action enough to satisfy any avid reader who likes these kinds of thrillers.

There are political assassinations, betrayals, heroes, villains and people who did not fit neatly into either category; there is even a damsel in distress! I was hooked on the story from the get go and found that I had to finish the book to find out what was going to happen to everyone.

I do not want to spoil a great story by giving much away about the story line. The plot works around the Vice President of the United States conspiring to change the world with help from his highly placed friends in Russia and Iran. However, there is so much more to unfolding of that plot.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2005)

Author's Synopsis
America is on the verge of WWIII and the Vice President of the United States is a traitor bent upon world domination. His plot to conspire with America's enemies and bring the world to its knees seems foolproof. The conspirators have planned for everything - everything but Lieutenant Commander Jake Gregory of SEAL Team 5.