Angels in Vietnam by Jan Hornung

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MWSA Review

Jan Hornung’s wonderfully crafted anthology weaves the experiences of women who had served in Vietnam through personal stories and poetry.  It includes stories and poetry by several noted authors both men and women.  The common thread throughout this book is that each had a unique and personalized story—no stories are the same.

When all these experiences and emotions are shared together in a volume such as this book—it gives them a special spiritual life.  Even though the experiences are all different there are some common threads that are the glue of this book; we are all one human race and we each are touched in ways both emotional and spiritual by war.  I felt the pains and the fears and joys of those who wrote their hearts out to share a part of their own experiences.

The book covers the experiences of nurses, entertainers, Red Cross Donut Dollies and other women and even some of the men who were touched by that experience.  I highly recommend this book to read to give you an a better idea of “angels” these women really were.

Angels in Vietnam is an award winning book and was on the top 200 best selling list back a couple of years ago.  It is till widely read and available through online book stores and at the author’s wonderful website.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2004)

Author's Synopsis
Cry, laugh, and share womens Vietnam war experiences in their own words in this collection of stories, poems, and pictures of the Women Who Served. Over 11,000 women from America, New Zealand, and Australia went to Vietnam as nurses, American Red Cross workers, physical therapists, entertainers, librarians, and more. Ride along in a helicopter on a Christmas Day mission of the heart with Army pilots and American Red Cross Donut Dollies, in Vietnam, 1969. Meet Garys angel, a physical therapist who a wounded soldier found over three decades later to tell her, thank you. Take a trip back to the war with a woman when she finds her true love, a soldier fighting in Nam. Experience the war through a nurses eyes. Learn where the veterans are today. Read about the Australians and New Zealanders who served in Vietnam. Find out why male Vietnam veterans think the women who nursed, comforted, entertained, or just talked with them were Angels in Vietnam.Forward by David Hackworth, author of About Face and Steel My Soldiers Hearts.Jan Hornung is the author of This Is The Truth As Far As I Know, I Could Be Wrong and KISS the Sky: Helicopter Tales.