A Saigon Party and Other Vietnam War Short Stories by Diane J. Dell

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MWSA Review

This was a whole lot different than any other book I have read about The Vietnam War experience. This is a view that most of us veterans never got to see while we were in in-country. I found it to be funny, sad, and at times making me angry. Certainly, the author knows how to pull at all the emotional strings when telling her stories. This is a great read for anyone.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2004)

Author's Synopsis
After her brother Kenny was killed in the Mekong Delta, Diana Dell went to Vietnam with USO. Her short stories are not about battles, blood, gore, or angst. They are about participants of the war other than grunts: war profiteers, disc jockeys, rock stars, landladies, pedicab drivers, movie stars, pickpockets, beggars, journalists, celebrity tourists, and other REMFs. Irreverent, outrageous, cynical, satirical, intelligent, and insightful are a few of the words used to describe A Saigon Party (And Other Vietnam War Short Stories).