How to share/lend your Kindle eBook

This trick should be helpful to authors who want to share their book with someone else (without the recipient having to pay for it).  

If you have copies of your book in Kindle format (which has .mobi extension), you can simply email copies of your book.  This costs nothing, and recipients click on the attachment and the email you send it should open in their Kindle reader.  Some authors don't have that option, because someone else handled the conversion of their book—or perhaps the technology was just too baffling!  :-)  

If you don't have that digital copy of your book sitting on your computer's hard drive, you'll have to purchase a copy yourself and then lend it out to others.  

In certain cases, MWSA authors submitting books for review and/or award consideration may be able to use this method to get books to our reviewers.

Please do not send MWSA unsolicited books... use the Awards/Review submission form!

How to loan your Kindle e-book—step-by-step

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  • Must be allowed by publisher
  • Loan lasts not longer than 14 days
  • If not accepted in 7 days, book is returned to sender
  • Cannot be read by you during 14-day loan period

How to do it

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Go to "Accounts & Lists"
  • Select "Manage Your Content and Devices"


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  • Find and click on your book
    • There's a search box on the top right of the page if you can't find your book
  • Click on the "Actions" button to the left of your book
  • If you're able to lend it, "Loan this title" will show up in the resulting pop-up box
  • Click on "Loan this title"
  • Fill in the blanks in the form
  • Send!

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