June 2019 Blast


Book Reviews & Awards

Our 2019 Season submission window closed almost three weeks early due to record demand.  We had 85 books submitted, which was six more than we’ve received in any prior season.

Highlights for the remainder of the season: we hope to announce our 2019 awards finalists on August 15 and then present medals and certificates to our winners during our awards banquet on September 15 in Albuquerque.

As always, MWSA can use your help reviewing for us.  If you’re interested, please contact the awards directors at mwsaawardsdirectors@gmail.com.

Mike Mullins Memorial MWSA Writer of the Year for 2019

Make your vote count by letting us know who you think should be the 2019 Writer of the Year.

Learn more about the award and submit your nomination here:


Membership News

Per our last blast, you know we’ll be lowering our dues and offering tiered membership lengths beginning on July 1.  Those members wanting to take advantage of the new, reduced dues amounts will be able to do so by visiting our existing members' and FAQs pages.

As you can see on the pages above (and in your membership details section below) the new rates and membership options are available now.

Membership Poll--Location of 2020 Conference

Want to have input on the location of our next conference?  Let us know by filling out a few questions here:



We continue to need volunteers, especially to help us with our website and social media efforts.

MWSA Outreach

MWSA goals include increasing outreach efforts to reach more veterans, family members, and those interested in recording our rich military history. The following are current opportunities developed by or presented to MWSA members.

  • MWSA Ambassadors Program: The MWSA Board of Directors officially approved the MWSA Ambassadors Program in May. This program’s mission is for MWSA’s qualified instructors to reach veterans, military, and families throughout the United States to assist them in sharing their important stories through a positive writing workshop venue at no cost to attendees. For additional information or to volunteer, please find details at https://www.mwsadispatches.com/ veterans outreach programs.

Every year, when we have a membership conference, we also try to support the local VA Med Center. One thing we do to support them is to ask our members to donate to the VA Med Center a book or two or ten. This year Larry Greenly has offered to receive all the book donations from our members. He will take them to the VA Med Center in Albuquerque right before the conference. So start identifying a book or two to send, and we'll provide you Larry's address in July.

2019 Membership Conference

Summer is upon us, and as usual, it brings us closer to our general membership conference. It is still not too late to register and get the early bird rate.  A  final agenda for the conference is available for everyone to review along with menu items, things to do in Albuquerque, etc.

Also, we've recently learned about a glitch in the hotel's billing system that may cause your hotel stay to appear to be more expensive.  Don't worry, our MWSA rates are still guaranteed to remain the same.  Please visit the  conference page on our website for the details.