May 2019 Blast


We continue to be excited with the path MWSA is taking and want to pass along some comments on the following:

Dues & Membership

We hope by now you have all seen the great news about our dues being lowered. Click here to read our announcement.

In preparation for those changes in our dues and membership options, we're asking everyone to verify that the contact and membership information we have on file is accurate.  Please have a look at your Membership & Details at the bottom of this message.

Our 2019 Membership Conference

In just over one hundred days, MWSA will be holding its general membership conference in Albuquerque, NM. While the bulk of this conference will be held in conjunction with the Southwest Writers,, we will have time set aside for a membership meeting where members can interact with the MWSA’s leadership. Saturday evening we will have our annual awards banquet. It’s a great affair, and we encourage all award winners to try to make this banquet. We have extended the early bird registration discount through June 15.

By the way, Albuquerque is a great place to visit.


MWSA is looking for volunteers to help out with our social media efforts and for someone to assist us with maintaining our website. If you are interested in contributing a few hours a month with either of these endeavors please let us know.

Our 2020 conference

We are still looking for a site to hold our 2020 general membership conference. If you are near a venue that you would think would be a good location for a future conference, please let us know. If you do, we might need your help in doing some coordination with the hotel, but the vast majority of the work that goes into the conference will be done by the MWSA Programs committee. So, don’t think helping us find a location means the conference falls on your shoulders.

Book Reviews

Our book reviews window will be closing soon and finalist for the awards will be announced by mid-August. If you haven’t finished your book yet, don’t worry, we’ll be opening the window for new books after the New Year. 

 Thanks, and we hope to see you all in Albuquerque.

 Best Regards,
Bob Doerr
MWSA President