2018 Review Season--Six days to go


2018 Season opening soon

The 2018 review season will open in six days--on the 15th of January.  On that date, all MWSA members in good standing will be able to visit our online store and submit their book for review and award consideration for a fee of $40.

Become an MWSA Reviewer

We're expecting our 2018 season to be even busier than last year's season.  That means we can look forward to even more great books to read, enjoy and review.  However, this also means we'll need more help getting all that reading, enjoying and reviewing  done.

A few points to remember:

  • Each book is read by three reviewers
    • If 100 books are submitted, we'll have 300 "review opportunities"
    • That's a lot of reading... the more volunteer reviewers, the better!
  • Some reviewers read more than two dozen books last year!
  • We get a lot of really fine books each year, and they're yours to keep (or gift to a friend or your local library)