Prior Season Books being added to our website

Click on image to go to our brand new "Covers Only page"

Click on image to go to our brand new "Covers Only page"

MWSA is finally getting around to a long-overdue transfer of books and reviews from prior awards seasons.  We will continue to add books to our library as time permits.

As of today (1/28/2018), we've added about 260 books, which used to be available only on one of our old (and outdated) MWSA websites.

Our focus is on transferring books that have won awards from MWSA.  Eventually, we hope to transfer all our members' books and reviews.

As part of this process, we've also added a new feature to our MWSA online library: "All Seasons, Cover-Only book pages."  Books are grouped by Review & Awards Season.  As with all our library listings, you can click on a books cover to go directly to the book's details page.

Click here to go to the Main Covers Page. 

If you'd like to help out with this transfer process, please contact the MWSA Awards Director.