MWSA gets ready for 2018 review season

MWSA Awards Director has updated our review scoring and procedures in anticipation of the start of our 2018 review season on January 15th.  The changes include...

  • a new, automated scoring spreadsheet
    • reviewers will now get immediate feedback on how their numerical evaluation scores translate into medal equivalent results
    • spreadsheet has internal error-checking
  • clarifications for scoring
  • changes to technical scoring criteria (spelling, typos, grammar, punctuation, etc.) so that they more closely match evolving editorial philosophy in the publishing industry

The new spreadsheet has been emailed to all MWSA reviewers for comment and testing purposes, and will be ready for duty by the time our submission window opens.

MWSA authors wishing to submit their books for review and award consideration will be able to do so starting on January 15th. 

Please check out the "Review & Awards" section of our website for details.