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Authors are stronger when they exchange ideas, share resources, and support one another
— Brian Feinblum, The Writer magazine

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  • Join a community of writers with a connection to the military

    • Wide range of interests and experience

      • From first-time writers looking for guidance to...

      • Authors with decades of experience and multi-thousand book sales

  • Submit your book for review and award consideration

    • Membership required in order to have your book considered

    • Recognition by MWSA review and/or award helps in your marketing and "brand-building"

      • Your book will be listed on our various social media syndication options:

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        • Instagram*

    • Comparable paid reviews cost 3-10 times as much**

** New for 2019 Season
* Source: Comparison of IndieReader, Kirkus, Self-Publishing, and BlueInk Review sites (Review cost $195-$495).

Who can join?

  • An Active Member pays a prescribed annual dues and must have served in the United States military, is presently serving in the United States military, or is an immediate family member of one of the above, or is an active writer of military related books and/or articles that do not disparage the United States military.

    • Most of us are veterans—or spouses of veterans—but we're basically looking for people who care about our country and its military.


  • $75 per year

How to join

  • Join our organization by visiting our dedicated membership website

    • Add your name and contact details

    • Use our convenient and secure online payment system

    • After clicking on the black button below, if you have any problems logging in, please return to this page (using your browser's back button) and use the contact form below to tell our membership expert how we can help

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All of our membership actions take place on a special part of our website.  In this area, you can...

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  • pay or renew your dues

  • change/update your contact information

  • register for MWSA events

  • read and respond to various writers blogs and book review swaps

+ How do I renew my dues? ▼

  • Click on the blue button above
  • Sign in by clicking on the blue silhouette at the top right
  • You'll find the amount of dues owed and make your payment once you log in

+ What if I forgot my username/email and/or password? ▼

  • There is an email link at the bottom right of that page, just click on it and let our membership expert help you out, or...
  • You can use the contact form on this page to let our membership personnel help fix whatever isn't working!

+ How do I register (and/or pay) for events? ▼

  • Once we've ironed out the details, you'll find links on this website's Events section, which will take you directly to the appropriate registration page
    • Once there, you'll be able to pay securely online

+ How do I participate in these blogs? ▼

  • Click on "Resources" in the blue navigation bar at the very top of this page
    • You'll find links to the area/blog of interest

+ How can I share my membership status on my website? ▼

  • Just copy and paste one of the membership emblems below onto your own website

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