Military Spouses with Graduate Degrees: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Thriving amidst Uncertainty by Leandra Hernandez and Jennifer N. Belding (co-editor)

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MWSA Review

They tell us that in order to become successful in life, all you need to do is see a need and fill it. Well, if that was applied to this book it could be a huge success in the military communities. I found myself truly educated. I was ignorantly unaware of the depth of the issues that our military spouses have to deal with.

The title does not give the proper seriousness of the problem, nor does it sound like a book you might wish to pick up and read. However, once I began reading all the personal stories from real people, it caught my attention. It became really clear that these spouses are making some huge personal sacrifices in their careers, lives, social status, educational opportunities, and even with their personal mental and emotional well being.

The book should be a must-read for colleges and universities that deal with military families. It should also be required reading for those in command positions at our nation's bases and forts, so that they have a better and clearer understanding of the true impact on families from deployments and moves.

The most important audience for this book is with the very people it was directly written for: military spouses themselves. The very same kind of people who shared their personal experiences between the covers of this book. This book truly has their DNA imprinted on the pages.

The editors take a resource book with data and information and make it very readable and understandable by adding so many different voices and viewpoints presented. I enjoyed reading the personal stories of sacrifice and supportive duty. The book presents the obstacles and the problems but also offers some practical wisdom to handling things, as passed on by the contributing co-creators of this book.

Every military spouse should have access to this book and read it. I believe this book has a mission and purpose. I salute the editors for putting this all together in this volume.

Review by Bill McDonald (July 2019)

Author's Synopsis

With contributors in the fields of communication, psychology, English, law, and others, Military Spouses with Graduate Degrees: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Thriving amidst Uncertainty utilizes interdisciplinary theories, methods, and approaches to study the educational and career experiences of military spouses with advanced degrees. The contributors to this volume analyze the challenges, struggles, and positive aspects of being a military spouse with an advanced degree in both academic and professional contexts. The chapters cover chronological approaches to academic and military identities; academic, professional, and military challenges; and strategies for enhancing academic, military, and professional life. This book expands upon the unique challenges military spouses encounter while in graduate school and while transitioning out of graduate programs into academic and professional contexts. It provides a new resource for military spouses, as well as military and academic researchers, scholars, and practitioners.

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