Fight by Betsy Ross

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MWSA Review

Fight is a novel about a group of soldiers struggling with fitting into the civilian world after deployment in the Middle East. Back in the United States, the characters reveal their stories, told mostly through Leslie and John, about why and how they are struggling with life back at home. The reader learns of each one’s war experience through the characters’ internal thoughts and flashbacks. 

The veterans help each other cope with their demons as they take advantage of counseling offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Their resistance to group therapy comes through, although they do help each other cope with tragic suicides and survivor’s guilt.

They grow to rely on each other for healing and moving forward with their lives, understanding that it will take time and they will always be there for each other.

Review by Patricia Walkow (April 2019)

MWSA's evaluation found a number of technical problems (misspellings, grammar, punctuation, or capitalization) as well as other problems in one or more of the following evaluation areas: content, style, and/or visual.  This normally indicates a need for further editing.

Author's Synopsis

 Leslie and John both served in the Army and crossed paths under unfortunate events. Now that they are out, they are having to readapt to civilian life and it's not as easy as what they were originally told. However, they find out how important it is to stay close with their fellow Veterans who have different backgrounds and stories, but they all share one thing: adapting to their old life as a civilian isn't as easy as it looks.

ISBN/ASIN: 1641663197, B077WLQ3RD
Book Format(s): Soft cover, Kindle, Audiobook
Review Genre: Fiction—Literary Fiction
Number of Pages: 97