Eben Kruge: How "A Christmas Carol" Came to be Written (A story about Charles Dickens) by Richard Adams

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Author's Synopsis

In writing "The Parting," about West Point on the eve of the Civil War (a previous MWSA Gold Medal recipient), the author came upon the fact that Charles Dickens and his wife visited West Point in 1842 at the end of his first trip to the United States, and when he returned to England, his first completed fiction was the beloved Christmas classic. This triggered his imagination to write a story about the highly unusual man Dickens encountered in Cornwall, NY, who inspired him to write "A Christmas Carol." In the five-star review given by Clarion Foreword, the reviewer writes, "Adams creates a clever scenario involving Dickens and a man named Eben Kruge, suggesting that their encounter strongly influenced the creation of “A Christmas Carol.” 'Is it entirely unreasonable,' the author inquires, that the story he presents 'could have actually happened?' The answer lies in Adams’ ability to write convincingly and well. He relates a tale so thoroughly researched and credibly delivered that readers may be tempted to believe it all."

ISBN/ASIN: 978-1-4797-4232-5,978-1-4797-4231-8,978-4797-4233-2
Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Format(s): Hard cover, Soft cover, ePub/iBook
Number of pages: 108