Brightness From The Shadows; by Jon M. Nelson

MWSA Review
In his book, Brightness from the Shadows, Jon M Nelson has given us complicated, intimate visions of the what being a part of the human race is really all about - that we're truly one with each other; so very much alike even with all of our differences.

This compilation of uplifting and positive poetry questions the limits and labels we place on ourselves and our fellow humans.  It reaches out to explore why we treat others in a way less than loving.
Reviewed by: Sandra Miller Linhart

Author's Synopsis
"We're all unique in our own way, But we're all human at the end of the day. Too many people seem to lose sight, That's why there's always a conflict or fight." This is just one of the many passages in this book that tries to bring home the point that we are all part of the human race. Think of all of the problems that the world faces today, and imagine if someone wrote poems to address these issues and tried to make a difference with them. Brightness from the Shadows is a collection of poetry attempting to do just that. There is something within the pages of Brightness from the Shadows that anyone and everyone can relate to in some way. The goal of this book is to inspire mankind to be something better.