Triple Threat (OAS Book 2); by Lee Boyland,‎ Vista Boyland

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MWSA Review
In their second in the Office of Analysis and Solutions series, Triple Threat, Lee and Vista Boyland present a plausible and exhilarating tale that falls in line with its predecessor, Pirates and Cartels. In this ongoing story, President George Alexander leads his administration through a beneficial pro-American foreign policy, showing what a strong and ethical President could accomplish for our nation during a time of turmoil.

Set in the bowels of deceit and debauchery, the Boylands' imagination weaves drug manufacturing and smuggling with jihad training camps into a blanket of ultimate and imminent terror for The Great Satan—the United States of America.

Lee and Vista Boyland deliver new surprises and plot turns at every step, and keep the reader on the edge of their seat.  Jam-packed with action, suspense, disloyalty, and intrigue, Triple Threat is a page-turner not likely to disappoint a true Boyland fan.

MWSA Reviewer: Sandra Linhart

Author's Synopsis

President George Alexander's war with narco cartels and jihadists continues in the second OAS novel. The assassination of Mexico's president has just been thwarted by Teresa Lopez, Erica Borgg, Lee Culberson, Pete Duncan and Gy Sergeant McDougal. Mission accomplished he team is headed for Mexico City and then home for some R&R.

President Alexander is concerned about forming the UN's replacement, and Martha Wellington, Director, CIA is concerned about Central American cartels, and the Triple Frontier, a 1,000 square mile home for drug labs, jihadi training camps and all types of illegal activities. The Triple Frontier includes parts of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Alexander decides to apply the Mexican model to the Triple Frontier problem. It is up to Teresa Lopez to persuade the presidents of the three nations to join the plan. Both cartels and jihadists think this is a bad idea and make plans to kill her.

Alexander sends Teresa and Julian Taylor to London to coordinate with MI6 and the foreign secretary and interview the pirate captain. One meeting results in a "dust-up."

The Coast Guard encounters cartel submersibles transporting drugs. Secretary of War Simpson sends Delta operators to ID targets in the Tri-Border Area, the local name for the Triple Frontier, and SEALS to find cartel boatyards in the jungles of Columbia and Honduras. Worried about Teresa's safety, he assigns a Recon Marine platoon to guard her in Paraguay. 

A radical imam in London decides to assassinate Alexander when he arrives and things get exciting in London Town.

Readers of Boyland novels never know what new surprise or plot awaits them on the next page, and this story has plenty of action, betrayal and intrigue. Deltas, SEALs, Recon Marines and the Coast Guard share the action with the USAF. Teresa considers writing a novel about love in Special Ops and Julian is not pleased.