PAYBACK TIME!: America's Veterans Unite to Challenge VA for Overdue Benefits; by Earl "Dusty" Trimmer

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MWSA Review

Vietnam Vet Trimmer cluster bombs the VA

Author “Dusty” Trimmer delivers this credible PAYBACK TIME message across the VA’s minefield of issues that get stepped on by veterans deserving proper healthcare access and benefits.  Aging Trimmer still brings the fight!  Taking careful aim and switched to automatic fire, Dusty sprays and stitches the VA with valid complaints from every direction, with a major focus on the dying Vietnam-era veterans’ horrific dilemmas.  

Armed heavily with research, a useful index, and an extensive glossary, Trimmer shoots-scoots-communicates through multiple VA obstacles that returned warriors face.  He lays down suppression fire to cover current-era war fighters, provides insight into the political landscape that has/will create the VA obstacles, and triggers through multiple other VA fights, including insightful views on current VA Secretary Bob McDonald.  From a very personal perspective, Dusty Trimmer empties his heart out to help our veterans in a VA system that lacks much.  Way to take up the battle!

MWSA Reviewer: Hodge Wood

Author's Synopsis
Author Earl "Dusty" Trimmer was a Combat Infantryman in the Vietnam War. This Vietnam War Veteran's reason for writing his memoir is to bring awareness to Vietnam War veterans wounded in action (WIA), killed in action (KIA), missing in action (MIA), the plight of those veterans who are still living or those who have lost their battles to survive after coming home, and those war veterans struggling to live another day. Written from the heart and experiences of a combat infantry soldier in the Vietnam War, Condemned Property? takes a raw look at the Vietnam War and Vietnam War veterans. Author Dusty Trimmer believes the Vietnam War's biggest battle wasn't fought in Southeast Asia, but is currently being waged against the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States. Author Dusty Trimmer's purpose of this book is to expose the system's mistreatment of Vietnam War Veterans. War is hell. Every war battle is bad for who is in it. The Vietnam War was a twilight zone.