Meant To Be by Jessica James

MWSA Review

When a chance meeting on a quiet beach turns into a fun day of laughter and a déjà vu feeling of companionship, Lauren Cantrell and Michael "Rad" Radcliff find it hard to say good-bye.  They soon find their paths unexpectedly cross in the most undesired way, in a place where courage and hope are all they have left to give.  In this world of danger where lives are at stake, they'll do anything to keep each other safe... if it's not too late. 

In her romance novel, Meant to Be, Jessica James introduces us to two strangers who make us want to believe in soul mates or, at least, love at first sight.  The author builds on layers of romance, secrets, heartache, and sacrifice to reveal a tapestry of emotion deeply set inside the bravest of Americans; the soldier.  Ms. James' characters are real, multi-faceted and engaging; the reader soon becomes entangled in the dichotomy of the horrors of war juxtapose with love-fueled and patriotic bravery with these new-found friends. 

Meant to Be takes us on a tumultuous journey of love, heartache, healing, and hope.  I found myself on the edge of my seat, feeling the pain and sorrow, clinging to the idea love beats all odds for the sake of her characters.  I look forward to reading Jessica James' other romance novels.

Reviewed by: Sandra Miller Linhart (Oct 2015)

Author's Summary

It started as a chance encounter on the beach, and ended 24 hours later when they parted to go their separate ways. 
Or so they thought.

Actually it was just the beginning.  When LAUREN CANTRELL said goodbye to the guy she had just met on the beach, she had no way of knowing their paths would ever cross again. But fate had another unexpected meeting in store for them—this time in a place where danger was part of the culture and the stakes were life and death. 

THE LAST PERSON in the world Rad expected to see at a special ops briefing in Afghanistan is the girl he met at the beach two weeks ago—the one he can’t stop thinking about. 

From the sundrenched beaches of Ocean City, Md., to the snowcapped mountains of Afghanistan, this thrilling tale of espionage and intrigue takes readers on a spellbinding journey into the secret lives of our nation’s quiet heroes—and answers the question: 
What do you do when the person you most want to protect is the one risking everything to make sure you survive? 

MEANT TO BE recounts the dedication of our military, the honor and sacrifice of our soldiers, and a relationship that is tested and sustained by the powerful forces of love, courage and resolve.