The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane; by Jasmine Tritten

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MWSA Review
Reading The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane was a delight and an inspiration. Fate delivered challenging choices to author, Jasmine Tritten, but she embraced her options and turned them into opportunities. Her early life felt safe and comfortable even though her father was defying the Nazis by helping Jews escape Denmark. Then Jasmine had to face the loss of everything she held dear when he died mysteriously. Perhaps that was how and when she learned to start over, and that ability sustained her over the years.

Jasmine’s life has been full because she chose to make it that way—from her early travels as a young woman, to her life in Carmel, California, during the late 60s and early 70s as a wife and mother. Perhaps I found her memoir captivating because it reflects my stories and those of my cohorts. It was a time of exploration.

Pushing back the boundaries was done two ways—by demanding it publicly or by simply evolving yourself. It would be unusual to live through those times and not be an agent of change in some way. Jasmine’s joyful book reminds me that life must be lived organically—from sunrise to sunset.

The voice of The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane is clearly that of a woman for whom English is a second language. It takes a chapter or so to resonate with her rhythm—in the same way it takes time to appreciate Downton Abbey when you grew up with the Rockford Files.

The book is a charming, quick read. Enjoy.

MWSA Reviewer: Joyce Faulkner

Author's Synopsis
The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane is a memoir by Jasmine Tritten recounting life-altering events encompassing a span of seventy years. She explores the meaning of courage, taking chances, overcoming fears and obstacles, recovery, growth and change. 

A woman’s evolution, an odyssey across time and place.

The first part of the memoir takes place in Nazi-occupied Denmark where the author was born during World War II. Her childhood memories were eclipsed by the suicide of her father when she was twelve years old. She explains why and how at twenty-one she left her country. The flip of a Danish coin determined her destination in America.

In the second part of the book Jasmine courageously boards a Norwegian ocean liner and arrives in New York with a “green card.” Seeking peace in her soul she takes a train bound for San Francisco, but ends up in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.

The third part describes the awakening of her art spirit, exploring new surroundings, marriage, and performing as a belly dancer with sword and snakes. Years later she heals from a divorce by traveling to Morocco and Egypt. An accident in La Jolla forces her to get in touch with her inner self.

Jasmine Tritten ends the memoir with her recovery from many trials and errors to finding her prince and settling down. Llamas as pets and frequent trips abroad become part of her life. The continuous thirst for adventure takes her zip-lining at 10,000 feet between two mountain tops in Angel fire, New Mexico on her seventieth birthday.