Higher Ground by  McKendree Long

MWSA Review

Higher Ground is a fun, action packed story of the old west.  While the author, McKendree Long, loosely traces the adult lives of his three main characters, he does so by weaving in a number of actual historical events and real people.  In doing so, the author creates an interesting cast of characters, and writes history from the eyes of those behind the scenes.  Those individuals whom we can all easily imagine were there, but we just never heard about them.  Long’s fascinating grasp at what life must have been like during the latter part of the nineteenth century allows the reader to get a vivid picture of the action and settings he creates throughout the book.  I enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone who enjoys historical fiction and particularly those fascinated by the wild west during the late 1800’s. Read the book!

MWSA Reviewer: Bob Doerr

Author's Summary

Raw, unvarnished, and authentic, Mike Long doesn't pull any punches when he writes anything western. The detail about the historical events in this book are spot on, including his riveting depiction of what it must have been like to be fighting the Battle of the Big Horn, also known as Custer's Last Stand. Long's command of the language, his use of imagery and his knowledge of weaponry make this a book for any western, adventure, or historical reader.

ISBN-10: 160653100X