Death Ship; by Joseph Badal

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MWSA Review
Joseph Badal knows how to spin a good yarn. Death Ship is the 5th book in the Danforth Saga. When Bob Danforth retires, he takes his wife, daughter-in-law and grandson on a supposedly leisurely cruise in the Ionian Sea. The cruise turns out to be anything but relaxing.

At the same time, terrorists plot a major attack to garner worldwide attention. Well-planned and seemingly foolproof, the incident will have far reaching consequences, not to mention that the men behind the attack will achieve great monetary benefits.

Although Danforth is retired, he becomes involved, as the CIA and U.S. military try to anticipate the terror threat. His son Michael is a one-star general attached to Delta Force. His grandson, Robbie, is an intelligent, tech-savvy teenager. Together with the trained specialty  operatives, they seek to track down the terrorists before it is too late. While their path is often foiled by political forces, they use all the connections and resources at hand to save the lives of hundreds of thousands innocent victims.

Badal gives readers a complicated plot filled with characters that run the gamut from good to viciously evil. His writing style and use of dialogue make the story easy to follow as it twists and turns to its final conclusion. And his well-developed characters stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.
MWSA Reviewer: Pat Avery

Author's Synopsis
Death Ship” is another suspense-filled thriller in the 45-year-long journey of the Danforth family. This fifth book in the Danforth Saga, which includes “Evil Deeds,” “Terror Cell,” “The Nostradamus Secret,” and “The Lone Wolf Agenda,” introduces Robbie Danforth, the 15-year-old son of Michael and Miriana Danforth, and the grandson of Bob and Liz Danforth.

A leisurely cruise in the Ionian Sea turns into a nightmare event when terrorists hijack a yacht with Bob, Liz, Miriana, and Robbie aboard. Although the boat’s crew, with Bob and Robbie’s help, eliminate the hijackers, there is evidence that something more significant may be in the works. 

The CIA and the U.S. military must identify what that might be and who is behind the threat, and must operate within a politically-corrupt environment in Washington, D.C. At the same time, they must disrupt the terrorist’s financing mechanism, which involves trading in securities that are highly sensitive to terrorist events.

Michael Danforth and a team of DELTA operatives are deployed from Afghanistan to Greece to assist in identifying and thwarting the threat.

“Death Ship” is another roller coaster ride of action and suspense, where good and evil battle for supremacy and everyday heroes combat evil antagonists.