Currents: Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology; by Patricia Walkow,‎ Christina Allen,‎ Maureen Cooke ,‎ Sandi Hoover,‎ Thomas Neiman,‎ James John Tritten

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review
In their third anthology, titled Currents, the Corrales Writing Group once again showcases their exceptional and varied talents.  

The book is divided into four sections (humor, fiction, essay, and memoir), and among the twenty-three different stories, anyone will find multiple works that speak to them.  My favorite section was the fiction offering, and I especially enjoyed the gritty “Bête Noire,” one of the best crime stories I have read, short or otherwise.  “The Moist End of the Earth,” was also highly enjoyable and very surprising with its erotic undertones.

This talented group has something for every taste, and fans of variety and short stories/works will definitely enjoy this book.
MWSA Reviewer: Rob Ballister  

Author's Synopsis

Currents is an anthology of work from the Corrales Writing Group for the year 2015. It includes humor, fiction, essays and memoir.