The Stonegate Sword by Harry James Fox

A wonderfully told story of character, faith, and military action set in the future…which seems like the past!


Harry James Fox scores with a unique story that blends the past with an apocalyptic future to produce an adventure of character, faith, and military action.

The “old way” (our time as we know it) ended, and what now exists is a world of swords and shields, reminiscent of Medieval times.  The Black Prophet is the ultimate evil, and the lands he controls know oppression, heavy taxation, and ruthless enforcement by the Raiders.  The lands outside his reach have an easier life, but the Prophet is always trying to expand his territory.

The beginning of the story details how the lives of two dissimilar characters (Donald and Phillip) are damaged irreversibly by the Prophet.  As the book follows these two lives, they eventually come together when both are fighting on the outnumbered side of good.  Only solid military prowess and planning, coupled with technologies from the old way which are not fully understood, can hope to defeat the Prophet’s armies.

Book is well written, and the author shows his command of the English language well.  It also has an obvious Christian influence, in a way that is refreshing but not heavy-handed.  It is obvious the author researched heavily into cavalry warfare from Medieval times, and the book “feels” very real.  It is not a short read, but is worth the effort and sets up well for a sequel.

Author: Harry James Fox
ISBN: 978-1-63315-322-5
MWSA Reviewer: Rob Ballister