The Dare by Linda Swink

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MWSA Review

The Dare is well written and should hold the interest of the age group it is intended for. Teddy, the main character shows a determination past his eleven years of age. Along with his two best friends they bounce from adventure to adventure, problem upon problem, typical for that age group.

Teddy’s sister went missing; no one could find her, not even the police. But Teddy, who is close to his sister and has always seemed to know what, was going on with her keeps hearing words in his mind, messages from his sister he knows, she needs him.

Part of this is guilt, Teddy and his friends had in typical youthful zeal dared Sarah to go into the graveyard and bring back a flower. They never thought she would, but, Sarah did, and disappeared.

Teddy was suffering from a lot of guilt and no one would listen to him. Something that even most adults can remember from their youth, grownups never listened. The Dare has a good message, and a number of lessons that can be gained, an overall excellent read.

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2015)

Author's Synopsis

It was supposed to be a joke–just a silly dare. But when eleven-year-old, Teddy, challenged his little sister to go into the graveyard at night and bring back a funeral flower, she took the dare. Now she is missing, and Teddy must find her before its too late.