Military Life: Service or Career, a Soldier’s Perspective by John McClarren

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MWSA Review

What is military life like! From horror stories to glory, McClarren sheds truth on the subject. 

A career Army officer,starting out as an enlisted man in the Army, he has seen it all and lived it. Military Life-Service or Career A Soldier's Perspective delves into the realities while avoiding the tall tales often heard about boot camp.

Making the military a career is simply not for everyone, but for those that go beyond the three or four years of an enlistment there are endless opportunites for education in a wide variety of fields, advancement (more money), and benefits that one normally may only think civilains receive.

Danger does exist, wars do happen, but most military folks on average see little combat. More recently that has changed somewhat, with Iraq and Afghanistan, but then we do not have a draft, our military is all-volunteer.

Call it a primer, or basic education in what to expect, this book tells it like it is and is worth picking up for yourself, a son, or daughter that may be thinking of going this route.

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2015)

Author's Synopsis

A book for young people interested in the military as a service or career, and for older readers who have had military service and would like a good read to reminisce the old times and their own experiences. It is informative, exciting, sad and very humorous all in one volume. It is full of stories that are entertaining, as well as educational and emotional