Memories and Shadows by Mike Mullins and Jim Greenwald

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MWSA Review

Having passed through life being virtually unscathed by the effects of war, it has only been in the past ten years or so that I’ve realized what many of my peers have been living with for decades deep within their souls. 

Memories and Shadows by Mike Mullins and Jim Greenwald is a book for both veterans and people who love them and want to understand how past experiences from so long ago could still be affecting them. It is a book that should be read by people in my situation to help me understand friends and relatives and how their memories bring shadows into their lives.

Authors Mullins and Greenwald bear their souls through essay and poetry. I must admit that poetry has never been my favorite genre, but these men have brought me to a place of understanding and appreciation. 

They take readers on a journey of experiences without preaching via thousands of words, but through the words in their poems, readers will feel the experiences and become sensitized to the effects that serving our country has had on so many of our veterans. It isn’t an “easy” read in the sense that it brings about emotions…but it is a great read for the lasting effect it can bring to the reader.

For veterans, some who maybe still have not voiced their pain, this may be the opening to an avenue of writing to bring about healing in their own lives. It might show them that they are not alone. It could bring a light to their dark soul. 

For family and friends, we need to be enlightened so that we can be more understanding to those who served. For those reasons, Memories and Shadows is an important read for all Americans…our heroes and those who support them.

Reviewed byJoyce Gilmour(2015)

Author's Synopsis

Memories and Shadows is not about the creation of poetry and verse; it is about a time long ago and the forever shadows it casts yet today.

It is a story and explanation meant to help heal. It places a face on that time and what it means today and yesterday.

PTSD is in the news daily and taking care of veterans is finally getting the attention it deserves and requires a slow process for sure, but hope does spring eternal, as they say.

If you are a vet, or know a vet, this book will help. It puts much of the
pent-up feelings and emotions into words where they can best be dealt with. If you have chosen this book, you may also wish to purchase Pass The Salt Doc and Kings of the Green Jelly Moon.