African American Warrant Officers: In Service to our Country by Farrell Chiles

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MWSA Review

Rank classifications in the military can at times be very confusing and quite contradictory.  There are the ranks of the enlisted category classified from the lowest private to the highest of Command Sergeant Major.  In the leadership classifications we have the Officer ranks from 2nd Lieutenants to Four Star Generals.  Between these two classifications are the specialized ranks of the Warrant Officer which at present goes from CW1 to CW5.

Farrell Chiles goes into great detail as to the origins of the evolution of Warrant Officers and branches specifically into the relationship of African Americans in the Warrant ranks.  In fact the author goes into the biographies of the men and women of African American descent who have served in these specialized ranks from WWII to present.  One category which the author bears down on is the helicopter pilots who have served in the Warrant ranks.  In fact Farrell gives detailed accounts of the pilots who have served in combat and who have been placed in the pilot’s Hall of Fame.

The book gives much detail as to the contributions of African Americans who have served our country in the military as Warrant Officers.

Reviewed by: Richard Geschke (2015)

Author's Synopsis

African American Warrant Officers...In Service to Our Country tells the stories of unsung African American warrant officers who have served our country in and out of the military. This collection of historical articles, inspiring biographies, and profiles highlights the significant contributions of individual African American warrant officers from World War II to the present, with remarkable detail and language befitting their valor.