Unheralded Heroes, by Thomas vanHees

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MWSA Review

Author Thomas Van Hees has delivered an entertaining book of both known and unknown heroes from our nations wars. His book "Unheralded Heroes" gives the reader much satisfaction in learning about the many celebrities who have worn the various American uniforms in war time. He takes the reader along on his journey of discovery through many short bios thus creating an energy that gives his book a stronger message. His inclusion of some totally unknown people who were truly heroes adds depth to the full portrait of the history of our wars.

A good book to pick up and read while on a vacation, or sitting around the house - it is easy to be hooked and you will find yourself reading it in one session. This would make a great gift to anyone in the military or their families. This book is an interesting read even for readers who do not like war or history genres and also young adults as well.

Reviewed by: W.H. McDonald Jr.(2014)


Author's Synopsis

My book tells about the unsung-unheralded heroes of all wars from the Revolutionary War to the current Gulf Region Wars. My book not only covers lesser known people but important contributions in machinery, technology and medical discoveries to the wars and how these contributions aided in the war effort.