Twisted Tongues Vol. 2 “The Invisible Americans” Native American Historical Poetry by jim greenwald

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MWSA Review

This second volume of Twisted Tongues is a continuation of teaching Native American history through poetry. Author Jim Greenwald asks his readers to approach his poetry with “an open mind, not with anger or fear as it is only the truth placed in plain sight…to believe or not…” I’m not sure about your background in history, but mine did not include the Native American history that Jim Greenwald has shared with his readers.

I can’t undo the history of my ancestors, but I can share the history found in Twisted Tongues with others, so they might just look at the way things are today and discover the reasons for it. I hope that the reading of this book will affect people’s thinking to the point of action.

The poetry is interspersed with narrative and readers are encouraged to do their own digging for facts, if they do not believe what Author Greenwald states. The poetry is beautiful but the topic filled with sadness. The loss of Native Americans through numerous ways of wiping them out is atrocious—sickening. It causes grieving for the reality of what one people can do to another. Can you imagine receiving payment for the scalp of another human being? Why is it that the genocide of the Native American population is not looked upon the same as the killing of the Jews?

I encourage everyone to take the time to read both volumes of Twisted Tongues. Keep an open mind, follow up with some research, and come to your own conclusions regarding the status of the Native Americans in the United States today. Share your reflections and thoughts with the author…but more importantly, have discussions with people in your circles regarding the issues addressed in these books.

Reviewed by: Joyce Gilmour (2014)


Author's Synopsis

The untold story of Native American history: Twisted Tongues Vol. II follows in the footsteps of Volume I, a Gold Medal Award Winner and Pushcart Prize nominated book. The story of the injustices inflicted on American Indians is a long and sad tale in the history of this nation. The trail of injustice has and is winding its way through past and current history in continuing actions that attempt to deny rights guaranteed by treaty to the tribes. History untold is history relived. Our education system needs textbooks that reflect the truth, failing that, they should, at a minimum, reflect a balance. Open your minds and read this, not with anger or fear as it is only the truth placed in plain sight for you to believe or not as you choose. Forget the Hollywood movies, instead, when done reading the reading of this book is completed, do some of your own investigating, for knowledge is truly power.