Revolution 2016: Take Back America; by Lee Boyland & Vista Boyland

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MWSA Review

Revolution 2016: Take Back America should be read as intended, as a Political Satire/Thriller! Whether you are left or right this book presents an interesting concept of a possible reality. Based loosely on events taking place today it proceeds to weave its satirical web through the concerns of many today. 

The scenarios presented come alive on the pages backed up by various media reports we all see and hear currently. The Boyland’s present possible results coming from less than well thought out laws and their implementation. Whether you agree or disagree is not as important understanding how it may be possible to arrive at this destination by straying from the constitution, while keeping in mind this is satire.

The reader will come down on various sides of the concept, some will be all for it, others opposed. Nothing wrong with either opinion if that opinion is based on two things (1) An honest read based on what the book is a “Satirical/Thriller” (2) Opinion based on the books entirety, not on a single item that irks the reader.

I enjoyed the book, was amused in places with the names of folks made to closely resemble those of real people in the news. An enjoyable read!

MWSA Reviewer: jim greenwald (2014)

Author's Synopsis

Except for California, the scenario satirized in Revolution 2016 has not occurred, and the story is alternate history. 

In 2013 America was approaching the tipping point regarding the Second Amendment. If progressive-liberals gained control, negated the Second Amendment and attempted to seize guns, would patriots rise up and throw the bums out by force? The 2014 and 2016 elections would decide the issue. Revolution 2016 explores the consequences of this future.

Enjoy a story of what might have been, and be glad it didn't occur.