Mixed Up; my ant’s mysteries, by Sandra Miller Linhart

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MWSA Review

Sandra Linhart has tackled a very complex subject and successfully simplified it so a young child is capable of understanding it. You can feel the heart in this little book. Ms. Linhart has written a parent's teaching guide in one regard and made it a useful tool for explaining any child's heritage. One just has to fill in the blanks. It could be a story about my family. I give "Mixed Up, my ant's mysteries" and hardy thumbs-up.

Reviewed by: Michael D. Mullins (2014)


Author's Synopsis

Every family has a story worth telling. In this melting-pot of a world, where cultures blend, separate, or sometimes clash, it's important to remember our heritage. Our skins' colors may be different, our grandparents may have strange last names, but if we look far enough into our families' histories, we'll find we're becoming a nation, and a world, of humans with surprisingly similar backgrounds. Teaching our children to learn and appreciate the adversities their ancestors overcame is the first step in showing them how they can improve the world they live in, for generations to come. Mixed Up opens up the dialogue for your child to explore the wonders of their unique, yet similar, ant's mysteries - regardless of the world's ever-changing definition of 'Family'.