Cochabamba Conspiracy; by Brinn Colenda

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MWSA Review

Cochabamba Conspiracy is one of those rare books that compel the reader to keep turning pages to see what happens next in the exciting intrigue taking place in South America’s towering Andes Mountains or on a plane carrying biological agents to spray a holiday crowd in Baltimore.

Fighter pilot Lieutenant Colonel Tom Callahan was not happy leaving his fast jets for assignment to the U.S. embassy in Bolivia where he faced bureaucratic frustrations and sinister intrigue from his own colleagues.Tom’s flying skills are tested to the limits in the difficult flying conditions not only through rough Andes weather, but also in coping with devastating sabotage.

A rogue Army Colonel takes over as Tom’s boss and begins conspiring with a power-hungry deputy chief of mission against Tom and the ambassador. Colonel Steele amasses a fortune in drug money after importing several disreputable sergeants to create havoc at the embassy and with the anti-narcotic efforts by the combined U.S.-Bolivian military.Steele plots to destroy Tom’s career, or have him killed, while Steele’s embassy mistress forces Tom’s wife to leave the country.

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, drug money from Bolivia goes via Cuba to fund an international terrorist group headed by a former East German Stasi agent who is implementing a plan for a devastating biological attack on the east coast of America. Back in the states, Tom finds himself in a race to thwart the attack.

As a former Air Force Section Chief in the U.S. Military Group in La Paz, author Brinn Colenda uses his intimate knowledge of Bolivia, flying, and U.S. embassy operations to create this believable action-packed yarn of drug cartels, rogue military and diplomats, global terrorism, and harrowing flights in the high Andes.

Cochabamba Conspiracy also has its tender moments interspersed with the horrific incidents.It’s a great novel and recommended for those who love thrillers.

Reviewed by: Joe Epley (2014)


Author's Synopsis

Award winning author Brinn Colenda captures the essence of international terrorism as Kurt Wallerein, feared, hated and hunted by every intelligence service and law enforcement agency in the West, forms a partnership with an embattled Fidel Castro. Their goal is to destabilize the democratic governments in South America--and the United States. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Callahan, USAF and his compadres in the U.S. Military Group-Bolivia risk their lives and reputations battling enemies--foreign and domestic--in this exciting novel.

"Colenda's thriller is a sensation. He owes me for the month's worth of adrenalin that I used up reading his book -- all without getting off the couch. And the scary part? The plot is all too plausible."

Scott Archer Jones, Award-winning author ofJupiter and Gilgamesh, The Big Wheel, and A Rising Tide of People Swept Away