The Donors, by Jeffrey Wilson

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MWSA Review

The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson is probably not a book that I would have picked off the shelf to read, but when presented the opportunity to read it for MWSA, I chose to “get out of my box” and try a genre outside of my comfort zone. The cover alone would have scared me away, however, I am glad to say that I accomplished the reading of The Donors. I found myself wanting to constantly get back to reading this book…it drew me into its pages—scary as they tended to be.

Jeffrey Wilson created believable characters that pulled me into their story. Nathan, a young boy, abused by his mom’s ex-boyfriend, ends up in the hospital where Jason works, and this is how these two are drawn into the action together. Nathan and Jason “are bound together by their common legacy, and they alone seem to share the ability to see the demons for what they are.” They must work together to stop the evil creatures.

If you have strong visual abilities, you might want to be careful where and when you read The Donors. Author Wilson does a fantastic job of describing scenes and events—however, readers beware! You will “see” things that you will want to forget and definitely won’t want to take them into your dreams. So if you enjoy the dark and scary, then The Donors is a book for you.

Reviewed by: Joyce M. Gilmour (2013)

Author's Synopsis

An evil force is at work at the Hospital where Nathan is recovering from injuries he received at the hands of his Mom's abusive ex-boyfriend. Demonic looking men with pale faces and glowing eyes lurk in the shadows. Someone is harvesting skin and organs from living donors against their will. 

In his dreams, Nathan can see these demons in their true form -- evil creatures who feed on the fear and hatred they create in their victims. Nathan's only ally is the Doctor who cares for him. Bound together by their common legacy, they alone seem to share the ability to see the demons for what they truly are. 

Together they must find a way to stop these creatures before they, and their loved ones, become the next victims.