Solo Vietnam, by Jeanette Vaughan

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MWSA Review

When an author creates characters that pull you into the story and the reader finds himself/herself wanting to continue to turn pages to keep up with the events, all occurring while history is being brought forth in such a way that makes it come alive, then we have a winner in this historical fiction book. Jeanette Vaughan has done just that in SOLO Vietnam. I enjoyed Nora Broussard as she traveled her life’s journey, making some decisions that I wouldn’t have chosen as a mother, but Nora took the road that led her in the direction she felt she needed to go. Her journey takes readers into the heart of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. I always love a great love story, but also appreciate the research that Jeanette Vaughan needed to accomplish making the realities of war so vivid to her readers. SOLO Vietnam will take the reader through a range of emotions, which truly is the strength of each character presented. I have discovered an author whose books are going to find their way into my reading basket in the future.

Reviewed by: Joyce M. Gilmour (2013)

Author's Synopsis

Information provided by the author. A French Cajun Aviatrix. An A-4 Skyhawk pilot. Vietnam. Nora Broussard dares to earn her wings gaining liberty. Despite the heroics, her heart remains unrequited and broken. When she finds out her star-crossed lover is now free, yet thousands of miles away from New Orleans flying bombing missions in Vietnam, nothing will keep her away. The U.S. government won’t let her fly combat in a war zone, so she uses her next best assets – her vamp and her voice. Traveling with Bob Hope as a torch singing USO girl, she is thrust into the perils of the 1968 Tet Offensive. As mortar attacks and napalm shake her to the core, she quickly realizes the short-sightedness of her decision to stay and manage a USO club. The shocking realities of a senseless war catapult her values into place. But is it too late? When Steve is shot down over Laos and listed MIA, Nora is forced to accept one of life’s greatest lessons.