Pickysaurus Mac, by Sandra Miller Linhart

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

Ms. Linhart has penned a book destined to awake people's attention to a problem almost always over looked or wrongly diagnosed. The focus is children and helping them to understand why they feel as they do, but adults, therapists, doctors, various professionals can and will gain from reading this book.

The inability to turn messages from the senses into appropriate motor behavioral responses is serious, many times the child is wrongly tattoed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Pickysaurus Mac moves the conversation away from being different to being understood. Being different is difficult enough without having to deal with wide spread misunderstanding of the issues involved.

Reviewed by: Jim Greenwald (2013)

Author's Synopsis

Pickysaurus Mac is not your typical dinosaur. Mealtimes pose a special problem for our picky little friend. Sometimes foods smell too gross to eat, they taste different than they look and their textures feel like garbage in his mouth. His friends tell him to eat right to stay healthy, but some things you just can't fix with words. Will Pickysaurus Mac ever find something he likes? When he finds he likes it, will it be the best food for him? Will he find it in time?