Pass The Salt Doc, by Mike Mullins & jim greenwald

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MWSA Review

PTSD (Pass The Salt Doc) by Mike Mullins and Jim Greenwald is a book that I believe will speak to everyone. Whether you are a veteran, related to a veteran, or have friends who are veterans, or just care about the results of war, you should spend the time to explore this book to see the perspective of two Vietnam veterans. PTSD has become a “hot topic” in recent years. Mike Mullins and Jim Greenwald say, “real it is, damaging to the lives of those living it and the families that endure it and experience it day in and day out.” They also state, “PTSD is not about overcoming the past but about creating a future.” Mike Mullins and Jim Greenwald have used the tool of writing to help them to create their future and hope that Pass The Salt Doc will enlighten many regarding PTSD, but also will encourage others who may be struggling with their past to use writing/poetry to help them to begin to create their future, or just be able to relate and possibly open up to someone.

Pass The Salt Doc takes the reader right into the heart, mind, and soul of the experience of PTSD. The book is a combination of poetry and prose. It isn’t an “easy” read for the fact that it delves into emotions that some might want to try to ignore. For me, I believe it was enlightening, because I lived through the Vietnam War days, but knew no one involved and my life was pretty much unaffected…but now in my late 50s, I’ve had the honor of meeting and becoming friends of many veterans, and this book has helped me to understand what so many of them are dealing with still today.

Reviewed by: Joyce M. Gilmour (2013)

Author's Synopsis

This collection of poetry is about after. After the war, its focus is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a serious issue among returning Veterans from all wars. Not easily recognized or readily identified. It does not have a set pattern that can be written down and checked off for all, as PTSD has many faces. This book is dedicated to all Veterans, past, present and future. For it is the Veteran we owe everything to, and taking care of each one is a national responsibility. The arts can and do work wonders for those suffering from PTSD and we would suggest that writing poetry is the strongest drug available to each of you and requires no prescription. Writing provides the externalization necessary to overcome traumatic events/experiences. No poetry you write is wrong or right it is simply necessary on the path of recovery. We are not therapists or professionals in this field and do not pretend to have magic cures. We will state that no professional can "cure" you without your coming to grips from within yourself with the issue and using that ability which we all possess to help ourselves. Writing allows the individual to place on paper emotions they find difficult to vocalize. It is this written expression that can bring about the change needed if "cure" is the desired destination.