Love at First Flight, by Captain Stewart Orr & Fran Orr

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MWSA Review

This book won me over with fascinating, behind the scene details of everything from catapulting off or landing on aircraft carriers to the even riskier but possibly more exciting persuit of a lasting romance. Captain Orr made me FEEL like I was in and around the jets he flew. He educates the reader about interesting specifics from his twenty-seven year career as a Navy Aviator that I am sure I would never have heard about. I identified with his male strength and frailty. Wife Fran reflects on the couples shared experiences with encouraging insight from an adorable female companion we men dream about but rarely find. Neither author sanitized events, and, as an author, I know how hard it is to write with such naked honesty. These two came from different universes but joined in a magnetic attraction that held together  for   good, through the the tragic and terrific days ahead. Strap in and fly through Bud and Fran's adventures to see the courage, sacrifice, love, humor, and romance ... this book is truly a top notch read!

Reviewed by: Hodge Wood (2013)

Author's Synopsis

Love at First Flight is the memoir of by two outstanding Americans: a courageous naval pilot, Bud Orr, whose career spanned twenty-seven years, and his loving wife, Fran. This volume is an honest, beautifully crafted story of Bud and Fran's inspiring relationship, a testament to their deep love and service to their country. It is a page-turning account of a sterling military career, complete with adrenaline-filled descriptions of a daring pilot flying many dangerous missions in advanced warplanes. Love at First Flight is a powerful reminder about the real sacrifices that men and women in the Armed Services must make to preserve a relationship, and the incredible rewards that come with that sacrifice. Like a catapult launch off an aircraft carrier, Bud and Fran's story will propel readers through recent history—from the Vietnam War to current day America. A tender, moving, and inspiring volume, Love at First Flight is the perfect gift for any military member, military family, or military historian.