Lion's Pride: A Tail of Deployment, by Grace Anne Remey

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MWSA Review

Deployment is hard on families of that no one should have any doubt. Long separations are a part of military life. But, what about for children that are forced to deal with it?

Helping your child cope with what surely is the toughest challenge of their young lives. Though temporary, it is forever for a child, causing fear, anger, anxiety a hundred fold more for them than the adult in the situation.

Deployment is the price children are forced to pay without having the right to say anything about it. Imagine how that seems to a young mind.

Grace at the ripe old age of eight has created a path to deal with those issues. Join her on her trip through this clever story line written from the perspective of a Lion's pride.

This is a book that should be part of a families package of assistance to help deal with upcoming or repeated deployments. Helpful hints and aids to help children deal with separation are provided in the back of the book, all written from a childs eye view of the world but apply well to all members of the family, regardless of age.

Reviewed by: Jim Greenwald (2012)

Author's Synopsis

Lion's Pride: A Tail of Deployment is written and illustrated by Grace Anne Remey who is eight years old. She has experienced 7 deployments in her young life. In her book, Grace Anne tells her story from the perspective of an 8 year old lion cub who shares her experiences and feelings through all the stages of the deployment cycle. The book also includes a 'How To' section where Momma Lion describes ideas families can use at home during a deployment.