Insider's Guide to Security Clearances, by J. W. Bennett

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MWSA Review

Bennett's book is a detailed handbook for individuals and companies that wish to obtain Federal security certifications and/or conduct security investigations.  Given the significant increases in security regulations, especally in relation to security-related contracts involving Federal monies, and the increase in security needs at American military facilities at home and abroad, this book is both timely and useful.  Bennett has published several books on this and related subjects, including the "DOD SECURITY CLEARANCES AND CONTRACTS GUIDEBOOK."  After laying out his credentials as a security expert, Bennett explains in a clear and well-organized fashion the Federal regulations that a person would neede to understand to gain a security clearance or certification in security organization.  The remainder of the book gives tips for learning the regulations and the 'rote' of modern security, and advises the reader on how to prepare for and pass the required security examinations, in particular the Industrial Security Professional Exam. Because of the topic, the book is not a page-turner, and likely will not be of much interest to many readers of military history or military memoirs, nor military fiction (although it could be of use for a novel involving base security).   But as a handbook, it is a solid work, easy to follow and understand.  It will appeal to its target audience for this reason.

Reviewed by: Terry L. Shoptaugh (2012)

Author's Synopsis

Turn your passion for business into work for the US Government. Discover what you need to know about how to get a security clearance and perform on classified contracts. This book explains how to obtain such clearances.