Hamfist Down, by George Nolly

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MWSA Review

Hamfist Down picks up where Hamfist Over the Trail left off, with Hamilton “Hamfist” Hancock trying to survival and escape after being shot down over Laos. We follow Hamfist as he makes it to safety, only to experience new dangers as he takes to the sky again as a forward air controller. On every mission, he worries about his true love waiting for him in Japan and whether or not he’ll ever see her again.

G.E. Nolly's writing kept me turning pages to see what would happen next. The author’s experience as a pilot shines through every page. The language is authentic, which is to say occasionally there are expletives. If you like a good action-packed adventure tale, this one is for you.

Reviewed by: Ed Cox (2013)

Author's Synopsis

It's August, 1969. Hamilton “Hamfist” Hancock has been shot down over Laos, and must use all his skill, and luck, to avoid capture and certain, violent death. To facilitate his rescue, he must become a ground FAC and direct airstrikes against North Vietnamese targets on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. And, to survive, he must engage in hand-to-hand combat. But Hamfist may face his greatest battle after his rescue. Back in Vietnam, while recuperating at the hospital at Cam Ranh Bay, he experiences a sapper attack. And, following his return to the air, Hamfist is tormented by a flying error, an error which may have cost a comrade his life. Only time will tell if Hamfist can regain his self-respect and passion. On his final flight, Hamfist faces a brutal enemy in a life-or-death duel that will determine if he will be shot down once again or return home to his soul-mate. The rescue, the airborne mistake and the final battle force Hamfist to reevaluate his priorities in his career, in his flying, and in his life.