A Quest for Skye, by John Rothdiener

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MWSA Review

“A Quest For Skye” is a well written, heartwarming novel about faith, mystery, intrigue, science and the power of prayer.It centers on a precocious nine year old girl who seems to be the perfect child.

While on a vacation cruise, Doctors Tammy and Morgan Hamilton meet Skye who quickly take on the Hamilton’s as her substitute parents while her birth parents conduct a medical continuing education seminar aboard the ship.The Hamilton’s became enamored with the girl’s curiosity, bubbling energy, infectious smile, photographic memory, artistic talents, instant rapport with everyone she meets and a strong commitment to Jesus.But before the cruise ends, the parents and Skye leave the ship without explanation.

Six months later, the Hamilton’s are mysteriously called to a secluded island near Greece after Skye’s parents, one a medical researcher, the other a wealthy entrepreneur, died in a laboratory explosion under circumstances shrouded in secrecy.They are offered not only to become Skye’s adopted parents and help oversee her vast fortune, but also management of a unique research and treatment facility dedicated to treating and finding a cure for Batten disease, a lethal childhood illness, with a 100 percent mortality rate.

The efforts to find the miracle cure are thwarted by the explosion that destroys all research findings.Further complications come from harassment by sensationalist news reporters and a power hungry Greek politician determined to close down the facility.

Skye’s unselfish inspiration cheers not only the two-dozen dying patients, but also the entire staff.Her devotion makes the Hamilton’s reexamine their own faith as they take on the cause started by Skye’s parents and work feverishly to save the lives of the young patients, including Skye who is also a victim of the dreaded Batten disease.

Although the plot is slow in developing, the pace speeds as new situations grab and hold one’s interest to the conclusion. It is refreshing to read a good book void of mayhem, cursing, substance abuse and/or excessive sexual shenanigans.

Reviewed by: Joe Epley (2013)

Author's Synopsis

Doctors Morgan and Tammy Hamilton take a vacation from their pediatric clinic in Saint Paul, Minnesota to board a cruise ship for the Caribbean. Devastated by Tammy’s third miscarriage and the news that she will never be able to bear children, the couple hopes to use the fourteen day cruise to regain their emotional footing. But life has other plans for them. Among the passengers is Skye, a nine-year old girl with an irrepressible spirit, and a passion for living that touches everyone around her. Infused with hope and a belief in a loving God, Skye becomes the daughter that the Hamiltons could never have. But despite her open and honest nature, Skye is surrounded by ominous questions. Was the accident that killed her parents truly an accident? Or was it sabotage? Why are news reporters hounding this innocent child? What secrets are concealed in the laboratory clinic on the island of Kardia? The truth—if they ever find it—can bring a government to its knees, and thrust national power into the hands of men who will not hesitate to shed the blood of innocents. The Hamiltons are drawn into a struggle to protect the little girl they’ve come to love. As everything they value begins slipping away from them, these hardnosed and pragmatic doctors suddenly find themselves praying for a miracle. When the miracle comes, it’s not at all what Morgan and Tammy have in mind. Because Skye has been praying too...