Staff Monkeys, by Peter Clark

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MWSA Review

OK, you are standing in the book store doing the same thing I do “scanning a book” deciding to buy or not. You see it is written like a diary/journal and decide to place it quickly back on the shelf.

Your loss! Military or not sit down in a nearby chair and read the first ten pages or so and you will be up at the counter paying for what will become a favorite read. Written clearly with tongue in cheek and filled with loud laughter this “diary/journal” of LTC Peter Clark’s experiences in the military will have you laughing all the way through it.

If you were in the military you will identify rapidly with what happens to him and around him. If you have never been in the military you will easily identify much of this with your work experiences. Clark has a unique, almost twisted sense of humor and I look forward to his next effort

Winner of the MWSA's Honorable Mention Award for 2012

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (July 2011)

Author's Synopsis

Staff Monkeys is not a typical military war journal; it is a chronological and humorous accounting of a former stockbroker's observations during his military deployments from April 2005 through September 2009. After being recalled to the Army, Peter Clark served in East Africa as well as numerous Middle East hot spots. After his deployment to Africa, the fun and games were just beginning for Peter and over the next few years found himself in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Kyrgyzstan. What the Army didn't know, or overlooked, was that Peter had a sharp sense of humor and wasn't afraid to use it. War is a very serious business, yet strange and comical events do occur and US Army Staff Monkey, LTC Peter Clark, a modern day Bill Mauldin, tells about them in a most entertaining way.