Jack & the Dragon, by Lynn Salsi

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MWSA Review

Lynn Salsi's book, Jack and the Dragon is a clever re-telling of an old, much-loved, classic fairytale. Jack's hard work and with the help of a damsel in distress outsmarts the voracious dragon, and the true villains of the story - his rascally brothers.

This action-packed picture book weaves a dragon-tail of adventure; James Young's bright and engaging illustrations add texture to Lynn's colorful words.

Jack and the Dragon is a fun and exciting read.  The southern-flavored language lends itself to any adult reading aloud to a child, with voice and action to make the book come alive as Jack conquers his fears, stands up to, and outwits his foes.  A must-have for every adventurous child’s bookshelf!

Reviewed by: Sandra Linhart (2012)

Author's Synopsis

This is a 32-page picture book (less than 2,000 words). This is an adaptation of an ancient traditional story. Jack, the youngest brother of three, learns how to over-come the bullying ways of his older brothers. At the same time, with the help of magic gifts, he is able to best the Dragon who steals from the brothers. This is a lesson in learning how to overcome life's little (and big) problems.