Emotional Mélange, by jim greenwald

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

jim greenwald has given us complicated, intimate visions of the emotional roller-coaster called love; its euphoria, loneliness, and void.  Memories, crisp on paper, recall the first breathtaking moment of soul's discovery and then pour bittersweet between the covers like tears from a broken heart.  If you've ever been in love, or long to be, these poems will tenderly touch, and then rip out your heart - just like life itself. 

Reviewed by: Linhart, Sandra (2012)

Author's Synopsis

The poet distills words into emotional textures that weave themselves into and through our lives.
Lyrical in ways, covering the gamut of emotions, this his tenth book of poetry tugs at the heart strings, and illuminates the dark corridors of love.

This is a journey of life’s experiences. Sit back, relax and enter this reading journey with tissues in hand.