Black Wings, by Kathleen Jabs

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MWSA Review

Jabs novel “Black Wings” weaves a tale of intrigue around the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD., complete with secret societies, plots and the ever present need to maintain the image of the Academy.

Loyalty, honor and friendship are strong threads and often we find ourselves torn in our decisions based on one or all of them. Bridget Donovan focuses on finding out what really happened to her roommate and friend Audrey Richards whose untimely death in an apparent botched carrier take-off leaves many questions behind. Deciding what is most important is a trial of who we are and what we are made of.

The story flips back to academy days and back again, the tale unwinding slowly and painfully. Thriller readers will love Jabs novel and military folks will be caught up in things all too familiar to them.   

Reviewed by: Jim Greenwald (2012)

Author's Synopsis

Lieutenant Bridget Donovan suspect the worst when her Naval Academy roommate, Audrey Richards, perishes in a botched take-off from an aircraft carrier. The Navy says it's an accident, but facts don't add up. Could it be a suicide, or murder? Donovan's unofficial investigation into what really happened, both during their past Academy days and Richards' final hours, forces her to examine the concepts of honor, justice and the role of loyalty in pursuit of those ideals.