Aldric & Anneliese, by Harry E. Gilleland Jr.

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MWSA Review

You can find just about anything you’re looking for when you read this special story.  If you want the thrill of victory on the battlefield, you’ll find it; if you want the gruesomeness of war, you’ll find it; if you want romance, intrigue, betrayal, tragedy, revenge, hopelessness, and ultimate redemption, you’ll find it.  Aldric and Annelieseis a tale for young and old.

Set in Eastern Europe during times of kings, knights, and fair ladies, it is a compelling story of the elderly King Reinhardt who grooms his son, Edmund, to succeed him. To guard and watch over him, Reinhardt choses the young warrior, Aldric, the son of a faithful servant who had died defending his King.  Edmund and Aldric became friends and vow to never let the other one down.  They travel to Western Europe to study.  Both convert to Christianity and make vows of chastity and chivalry until they find their true loves.  Upon their return home Edmund becomes King.  He learns also that a marriage for him to Ursula, the daughter of the leader of a wayward tribe, has been arranged so that the tribe will be willing to peacefully join the five nations that King Reinhardt has already brought together. 

After Ursula and Edmund are married, she is more impressed with Aldric’s strength, both mentally and physically.  She is amused with her fascination for him. 

Untimely and tragic events spell the death of Ursula’s father leaving her jealous brother, Deitmar, to convince her to betray her new husband so they can rule the new nation themselves.  King Edmund dies on the battlefield and a wounded and despairing Aldric cannot forgive himself for not being able to keep his King safe. 

A winding tale of near death, survival and despair brings Aldric to the beautiful Anneliese.  The noble Aldric rescues her from a life of indentured servitude following the deaths of her father and brothers in the same battle where King Edmund died.  Anneliese renews Aldric’s spirit, but he keeps his vow of celibacy until they marry.  The tale continues with more intrigue, sorrow and problematic justice in the midst of great emotional turmoil.  Finally, it leaves us with the everlasting hope that good can overcome evil.

Review by Fran McGraw (2012)

Author's Synopsis

When honor was everything, and your word, a binding contract, Aldric was knight and champion to the king. A tale of love and devotion, chivalry and honor, this great tale held me captive through to the end. I personally feel this item is good read to younger children, as a bedtime story, young adults venturing into reading for themselves, and adults as a light tale of true honor and integrity. There was no one part of the book I liked above the other, except for the morals and integrity listed within. Through action and word, Aldric is a prime example of a true friend, a great leader, and a person true to their word. Once it was over, I wanted more stories from this author. The tale was fast paced and one I couldn't put down. I felt transported back in time to a year where life was physically hard, and not always rewarding. Lessons learned often came at a high price. I would recommend this book to all readers. It is one that whisks you away into another world. It transports you through great imagery and action. A whole new adventure to be found. The author is very talented. I will be searching other books out from this author and adding them to my collection.