A Golden Weekend, by Larry Carello

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MWSA Review

This is a sad story, one all too familiar in our society. Carello weaves a tale of lives taking two paths and how different these paths end.
It centers around two half brothers and their families and relationship, antagonistic and distant on one side and warm on the other. How two can be so different adds to the reality of the story. Jimmy Roscoe who appears to be doing well and garners the respect of the community while his half brother struggles daily , Jimmy owns the hot restaurant in town and Mel the Burger Shack at the beach.

Their lives take entirely different paths as time progresses. Jimmy’s son Freddy has grown to be another Jimmy in attitude and behavior, and because Jimmy and his wife have no time for him they spoil him and cover up for him as he descends into ever worsening behavior.

Freddy in a typical fit of rage and revenge for what he felt was an insult to him burnt down his Uncle’s business. Jimmy offered his half brother money to not tell the police but Mel wanted no money and did not tell the police. How the story progresses from there you will need to buy the book. 

This is a life lesson. Read it carefully, knowing many families fit this mold but all have choices to make, those choices determine who and what you are and become. A great read.

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2011)

Author's Synopsis

Mel Rosco and his brother Jimmy shared the same last name, but that's where the similarities ended. After years of barely getting by, Mel teetered on the brink of financial collapse. Plagued with bad luck, about all he could count on was the moral support of his wife, his kids and a handful of friends. On the contrary, life couldn't be sweeter for his older brother Jimmy, who had risen to the top of Woodland Beach's social ladder through planning, strategy and hard work. His swanky Shoreline Inn was a landmark, a place where customers waited in long lines for a table. The upcoming July 4th weekend provided both men with opportunities: Jimmy could fatten up his bank account; Mel would have one last chance to save himself. Neither man had any idea how the dramatic events of this golden weekend would change his life for ever.