The Sandpiper's Game by Charles Boyle

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MWSA Review

Charles Boyle has shared some of his wisdom through his children’s book The Sandpiper’s Game.  In the story, the twins, Kurt and Kate, live by the ocean and use the beach as the place where they practice running to help them in their goal of getting faster because they are part of their school’s cross-country team. Their coach tells them that running in the sand will make them stronger and faster.
The problem that the children encounter is that the beach doesn’t give them the same terrain that they have to run in when they go inland to the hills of cross-country events.  During their practice sessions, they meet up with an injured sandpiper, which then teaches the children about doing their “personal best.”
My “review audience” of third graders thoroughly enjoyed this book, and have easily grasped onto the concept of doing their personal best. It is a fun read and the bonus is that it teaches a needed concept to our children.  Mr. Boyle has done a wonderful job with this book.  Too many children are competitive to a fault, without looking at themselves and how they can improve on their own goals to do their personal best.  This is a thought-provoking book and one that children will enjoy. 

Reviewed by: Joyce Gilmour (2011)

Author's Synopsis

Sandy, and injured bird, is saved from drowning by young twins, Kate and Kurt, who live at the seashore. As Sandy heals under their care, he learns that the twins are runners on their school's cross-country team, and that they have no way to train for running on hills. Grateful for his rescue, Sandy invents a game that teaches the twins how to run faster. Better yet, he opens their minds to his vision of how to improve at whatever you do.
This book is designed to encourage doing your "Personal Best".