T-41 Mescalero: The Military Cessna172 by Walt Shiel

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MWSA Review

Everything you ever wanted to know about the T-41: I went back to my log book and found all the T-41's I flew in the USAF undergraduate pilot training class. From first flight in N5209F 6 Nov 67, solo in N5189F 17 Nov 67, final check ride N5109F 19 Dec 67. Most of the airplane histories I have seen are just a pamphlet of a few pages while this book has 180+ pages. Even though I had flown the airplane, I learned a lot about the training techniques and philosophy of the training. Seeing the training from the instructor's point of view was very interesting. As a former Air Force pilot, I was very interested in this book and can highly recommend it.This is the definitive book on the T-41.

Reviewed by: Buddy Cox (2011)

Author's Synopsis

In 2006, the ubiquitous Cessna Model 172 Skyhawk turned 50, with a seldom-heralded military record almost as long. Now, for the first time, the Skyhawk's military history is revealed in all its depth and breadth, covering its use by the armed forces of 54 countries. Cessna delivered 867 T-41 Mescaleros (the military version of the 172) in four distinct models to countries around the world -- plus another 158 off-the-shelf 172s, with many still serving into the 21st century. T-41 Mescalero captures this extensive history in print, complete with stories and photographs from around the world.