Our Daddy is Invincible by Shannon Maxwell

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MWSA Review

Shannon Maxwell’s experience is the experience of thousands, for war by its very nature is traumatic. Injuries to the mind are inherently more difficult to deal with no matter the form they present themselves in.

This is not a story of a loved one’s injuries but rather the journey the family faced together. When Alexis and Eric were reunited with their father after his return from war they faced a new reality, their Dad was not “Invincible.” His injuries had changed him. The family literally embarked on a journey of discovery, not one of choice, but love. The excellent illustrations add to the power of the words and engage children on a level they easily identify with. I would state here that adults (parents) would gain from reading this book as well.

It is extremely difficult for a husband or wife to deal with the results of traumatic injuries, yet much has been written about it and treatments, therapy etc. have been created to bridge the gap created as a result. For too long children were left pretty much a footnote in the struggle to regain “normalcy” in their daily lives. This book is a great step toward including children on a level they can identify with. 

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2011)

Author's Synopsis

What happens when a parent becomes traumatically injured? In Our Daddy Is Invincible! Alexis and Eric find out that their Daddy was badly hurt, something they thought impossible. They are scared for him and wonder how his injuries will change their lives. They learn that his love for them continues to be strong and that life goes on. There are people to help in their daddy’s recovery, new adventures to be found, and new ways to find enjoyment together as a family. Turn the pages of this beautifully illustrated, hope-filled book and discover the possibilities.
Our Daddy Is Invincible! is based on the real life experiences of author, Shannon Maxwell’s family. First hand knowledge through their journey following the penetrating traumatic brain injury of LtCol Tim Maxwell, USMC (ret), and advocacy for other wounded families are drawn upon, bringing an uncommon depth of perspective to the challenges, hopes, and possibilities families may face through traumatic injury, recovery, and return home.