Listening to Ghosts by Robert (Bob) Stockton

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MWSA Review

Bob Stockton's memoir of navy life, Listening To Ghosts, could have been written by a million men who served in that branch of service for as long as he did, but probably not told as well. Those million men are undoubtedly very thankful that Mr. Stockton took the time to tell their story. It is a story of duty, travel, adventure, friendship, and professionalism. It is all of the things that make one's time in the military memorable. It is also a tale of what it means to be an American guy next door who just does what needs doing. Get this book to taste the flavor or not only a naval career, but to relive your own life in the military if it so applies. If it doesn't, then you will be better off having read this book.

Reviewed by: Bob Flournoy (2011)

Author's Synopsis

Listening To Ghosts is an accounting of the author's experience growing up in a Northeastern working class neighborhood and subsequent career as an enlisted man in the United States Navy before the Navy became an instrument for social engineering experimentation. Written in the first person the author takes the reader through his adventures - and misadventures - in frank, candid and politically incorrect language.